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Web Links


Here are some links to web sites of other outboard enthusiasts.

Doug Penn - http://penn.itgo.com/
Doug is an antique outboard parts guru, and can usually find what you need!

Art DeKalb - http://www.precisionservoutboard.com/
Art DeKalb's Old Outboard Site can help guide you through your restoration.

Arlan Carter's Book - "The American Rowboat Motor"
A wonderful book that tells the stories behind the early days of outboard motor manufacturing.

Buy Peter Hunn's Books - Find them at Devereux Books
You can always pick up The Old Outboard Book on Amazon, but there's more available at Devereux!

Joe Outboard - http://www.joeoutboard.com
Fellow outboard nut that helped me put this site together.

AOMCI National Site - http://www.aomci.org/
The online home for the worldwide club of outboard enthusiasts.

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