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Collector Celebrity Photos

Here's some photos of friends and acquaintances that I've met over the years.

These folks are some of the "who's who" in the Antique Outboard Collecting world.

Peter Hunn Doug Penn

Peter Hunn - (author of "The Old Outboard Book" and many other great books)
poses with my WaterWitch Racer.

You can buy more of Peter's books
online from Devereux Books

Doug Penn - (One of the premier online motor/parts suppliers) takes his turn at posing with the WaterWitch Racer - check my "Links" page to find his web site
Art Dekalb Arlan Carter
Art Dekalb - a great guy and terrific parts source for Antique Outboards - check my "Links" page to find his web site
Arlan Carter - Author of "The American Rowboat Motor" and a great guy - check my "Links" page to find his book and order a copy for yourself
Jim Ross Mark Trimble
Jim Ross - another great person and an Evinrude brand Expert! Mark Trimble - a collector extraordinaire and fantastic fellow - check out photos of his excellent collection!
Mark and Elaine Sutter Sam Vance - Mr. Elto
Mark & Elaine Sutter - She's a racer, and he's been holding on for years! Check out more photos of their fantastic collection HERE. Sam Vance - Also known as "Mr. Elto", Sam has become a legend within the AOMCI

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